For me, art has always been the expression and transfer of feelings through painting.

 I paint to ask questions, and to invite the viewer to seek their own answers.



Inspired by natural landscapes, George Hayward paints in abstract style, so the result is not of an obvious place but of the feeling of being in that landscape.

For this reason, paintings are unique. A connection to a place and a feeling.

Inspiration comes from the Australian landscape with many from the Perth Hills in Western Australia and Lake Eyre and Tasmania.

 George <br>Hayward
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 Featured <br>Painting. Coastal Storm

Painting. Coastal Storm

“Coastal Storm”

Cossack Art Awards 2021. Judges Comments:

This is a very appealing and mature work, where the medium has been exploited to define the landscape, like the running paint of the sky. There’s a bold use of materials in a gentle environment. The landscape is incorporated into the work through the technique, with dirt and grounded dry pigments added directly onto the surface, mixed with the paint.