About George



“I’ve never known a time when I’ve not wanted to paint.

I’ve known many times when I’ve not been in a position to live that time, but it’s always been there.

I was born in the UK, but have spent much of my adult life living in the Perth Hills, surrounded by the Australian landscape – it’s always been my muse.

My passion to paint gets stronger daily which is why I share that passion through my workshops and exhibitions.”



George’s Story


With a long family history in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk in the UK, this is where George was born, raised and schooled.

Art was his only interest at school and he was able to further those studies first at Cambridge Art School and later in Chelmsford Art School Essex UK. This is where he pursued painting and ceramics represented in various exhibitions.

The late 1960s saw him immersed in the art and music scene, moving in circles with young members of the now infamous Pink Floyd, including a friendship with the talented Syd Barrett.

After his marriage to Helen in 1969, they immigrated to Australia as “ten-pound Poms” in 1973, drawn by the climate, smaller population and opportunity.

“When we landed, I was amazed by the difference in light here.”

However, family commitments soon meant less time could be devoted to his passion. Bills needed to be paid and family had to take priority, so my painting stopped.

In 2002 a friend noticed one of George’s early works and was surprised he had not touched a paint brush for so many years.

“With help from my friend and my family, I was persuaded to dust off my brushes and to paint again.”

Since then, he his art and passion has not only re-emerged, but matured and shared with others through the creation of Hayward Studio, hosting exhibitions and workshops.